Experts recommend that you focus on one niche when thinking of building a business online. There are many niches out there that can make you money but finding a profitable one can be challenging. The internet is a jungle, and entrepreneurs must know the ins and outs of their field before they commit any time, money and effort. If you’re struggling to find a profitable niche for your business, here are tips to help you:

Use Google suggest to find profitable niche for your business online

Google is a powerful search engine that before you hit the search button, a list of possibilities will be displayed for you. This feature normally harnesses phrases frequently used by online users, and so, the ideas displayed can be profitable niches for your business.

Amazon is a great place to get a profitable niche for your business online

If you’re wondering where to get a profitable niche for your business, Amazon is the go-to platform. A popular and best-selling niche on Amazon is indicative of a profitable niche. So you should consider dwelling on that niche.

Books and magazines are great places to find profitable niche for selling products online

Some people think that you can only get profitable niches online. Offline sources like books and magazines are treasure troves for profitable niches. The authors of books and magazine do extensive research before disseminating their pieces to the public, so apart from finding profitable niches, you can get great ideas to implement on your business.

Competition can help you get profitable niche for your business online

You can simply watch a market to determine if it is profitable or not. For example, if a market is highly competitive and a lot of buying and selling is taking place, then that niche is profitable, and you can join the bandwagon and compete. On the other hand, if the market isn’t competitive, it shows that the niche is not profitable. is an excellent place to check out profitable business ideas for your business online

Udemy is a website dedicated to buying and selling courses and education. You can check out their database to see the most selling courses. The most selling course is a sign that the niche is profitable.


The internet is filled with profitable business opportunities for prospective business owners. However, beware of dodgy ones, too. So, extensive research is the only way to get legit business opportunities out there. Do not leave any stone unturned in the process of finding a profitable niche because it can mean the difference between your business succeeding and failing.